Gas fitting

For Kitchen, Water Heating And Home Heating in Nelson, Consult Allen Plumbing & Gas

If you are looking for a local team of gasfitters Nelson residents can rely on, 
talk to the expert team at Allen Plumbing & Gas

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Repairs and Maintenance

We are unique in Nelson as we can offer the services of 4 licensed and certifying gasfitters, providing more flexibility when it comes to scheduling your important job.

Hiring reliable Nelson gasfitters for your home is of utmost importance. Here at Allen Plumbing & Gas, we let our team of seasoned experts work their magic for your home. Ensuring your gas appliances are safely connected & leak free. Our business is locally owned and operated and our high service reflects our dedication to our community. 
Thirty years ago, the company began as a simple services provider. Since then, Allen Plumbing & Gas has grown into a bigger team with more offerings. We know how to grow our business, and that’s through making each and every client of ours satisfied with our service.
plumbing repair
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We can repair, maintain & service all things gas including:
  • Califonts
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Fires
  • Heaters
  • Cooktops
  • Ovens
  • Deep fryers
  • Fridges
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We can install all freestanding and inbuilt gas ovens and hobs, provide you with a free quote and advice, and on completion issue a gas safety/code of compliance certificate to satisfy your insurance company.
cooking on gas top
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Water Heating

Gas instantaneous water heating (or califont) is the most cost-effective option for upgrading your hot water system to mains pressure. 

It offers flexibility, as you can mount it anywhere on the outside of your house and can be easily relocated to make way for a kitchen alteration.

You can save up to 60% on running costs, with a new unit installed for $2500 + GST. Call us for a free quote.
hot water pouring from tap
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Gas heating is a convenient and affordable option for creating warmth in your home. 
Many experts consider this method one of the best ways to heat a home. Gas heaters are best known for ease of control as well as being quick at warming up cold rooms.

By having Allen’s provide all your gas fitting services you can rest assured that only experts will be installing the system. Our heating solutions are safe, reliable and long-lasting. The master gasfitters on our team will do their best to ensure that your heaters will work efficiently and keep your home comfortable over the colder seasons. An upgrade to a gas heating system will be one of the best decisions you make this year. 

In addition to speed and efficiency, gas heating is a great way to incorporate fresh air flow into the house. Gas flow systems installed by Allen Plumbing & Gas can help in indoor circulation as well as control condensation and odours at home. For added benefit, some flued gas systems are eligible for Warm Up New Zealand subsidies.

We can supply and install the following gas heating solutions:
  • Freestanding fires
  • Inbuilt fires
  • Outdoor fires
  • Central heating
  • Flued heaters
  • Portable convection heaters
  • Portable radiant heaters

modern gas fire
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Motor Home and Marine

As service agents for Dometic & Camec, our team of Nelson gasfitters repair and maintain all the appliances for your motor home or marine vehicle. This includes cooking, heating, refrigeration and water heating.

We can also provide you with gas certification, as well as an endorsement for importing and selling these appliances. 
woman cooking in a motorhome
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As an approved practitioner Allens can provide you with an endorsement required when importing and selling motorhomes & caravans housing gas appliances.
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