Quality Drainlaying Services in Nelson

Specialising in new drains, repair and replacement

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Allen Plumbing & Gas is a one-stop shop for all drain related work. With our expert Nelson drainlayers, property owners in the area can all experience excellent workmanship and dedicated customer service, no matter your specific needs. 

Drainlayers in Nelson

The drainage system is crucial to any residential or commercial structure. It is responsible for handling the flow of waste water as well as draining storm water. Without a proper drainage system, your home could be at risk from water damage from clogged or improper drainage.

The Role of Drainlayers

In New Zealand, a certification is needed for a tradesperson to be able to do drainlaying work. Our team of Nelson drainlayers are fully certified and capable of doing an excellent job, to suit your individual needs. 

Drainlaying is a complex array of services that mostly deal with the underground piping of a home. It manages waste water movement and handling runoff for the home.

Do You Need a Plumber or a Drainlayer? 

Some people tend to get confused between a plumber & a drainlayer. What’s the difference, right? They both deal with water pipes. But then the question becomes, Who do you call when something does not work out – do you need a plumber or a drainlayer?

Luckily for our customers you can get both by calling Nelsons premier team of master plumbers, drainlayers & gasfitters, Allen Plumbing & Gas

Projects of Any Size

The three-decade history of Allen Plumbing & Gas in Nelson is marked with a massive variety of projects. Now, as an industry leader in the Nelson area, we continue offering our excellent service to more and more people. Our team of one has grown, and we continue to accept drainlaying projects of all sizes. 

Our work has led to us fitting-out a range of projects including brand new commercial spaces, restaurants, new homes and petrol stations. With Allen Plumbing & Gas, you will be entrusting your drainlaying needs to the people who know everything there is worth knowing about drainage systems.

As experienced drainlayers we can do it all, including new drains and repair, as well as replacement of old earthenware sewers and stormwater drains.

We are at your service when you need us, so please call us today to see how we can help you.

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